Fair Use Policy

Bandwidth and disk storage

Our hosted website subscription plans do not have set limits on bandwidth and disk storage. Instead, we have a fair use policy which goes as follows.

Bandwidth and disk storage is unlimited as long as:

  • it is used as an integral part of your ProsePoint Express site,
  • you are not intentionally abusing the service by using excessive bandwidth or disk storage,
  • you are not violating our terms and conditions, and
  • you are not impeding our capability to provide other users with the ProsePoint Express service.

In other words, if you are adding content (images, files, text etc) to your site and using the service in the way it is intended to be used, then we will not limit the amount of bandwidth and disk storage your site is consuming.

Our intention is that, as long as both parties are being fair, you should not have to worry about bandwidth or disk storage limits. We'll take care of these sorts of issues so you can concentrate on growing your site.

If, however, you are attempting to take advantage of the service by distributing large files or streaming excessive video or hosting torrents or something similar, then we will request that you cease doing so.

Why isn't bandwidth unlimited?

If you are comparing ProsePoint Express against generic services which offer web hosting for $5 per month with unlimited bandwidth, then you're comparing apples against oranges.

Generic web hosting providers attempt to get you through the door by offering an unrealistic rock bottom price and then they upsell you. They promise you unlimited bandwidth because you will never be able to use it. Once your website has substantial traffic, they'll claim you are using too much CPU time. Then they'll disable your site or force you to upgrade to your own server.

In reality, bandwidth costs money. 'Unlimited bandwidth' web hosting services do have bandwidth limits. You just don't know what they are.