Frequently asked questions


Does ProsePoint Express handle languages other than english?

Currently, the ProsePoint Express hosted service is only available in English. However, the websites you create do not have to be in English. You can enter page content in other languages so you can actually create a website for another language.

Please see our showcases for examples of ProsePoint Express sites in languages other than English.

Do you offer half-yearly or annual billing?

Yes we do. When upgrading your site's subscription, just select whether you'd like your site to be billed every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Paying half-yearly or annually also attracts a discount.

You can also choose to pre-pay more than the due amount, and any extra payment will be credited to your account. For example, you could pay $114 up front and that would cover 6 months of $19 monthly payments.

To pre-pay more than the due amount, remember to change the payment amount when paying orders.

Is there a contract?

There are no contracts or contractual obligations with ProsePoint Express. The service is pay-as-you-go (but it is prepaid before the beginning of each billing period). There is no minimum duration of service enforced. You can stop at any time.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to cancel your service, just file a support ticket or send us a message. You can cancel or stop at any time. No questions will be asked.

Can I place advertisements or affiliate links on my site?

Yes, you can.

Although we recommend users build up traffic and readership first before showing advertisements, users are encouraged to make money from their site.

Does ProsePoint Express take a commission from advertising or affiliate links?

No, ProsePoint Express does not take any commissions from your site. Any revenue you make from your site, including advertising or affiliate links, is 100% yours.


Please note we have a collection of How-To guides which may be more helpful for specific situations.


How do I add code or javascript from other websites into a widget?

Create a text widget and make sure it is enabled for javascript and iframes.

An example of how to create a text widget which is enabled for javascript and iframes is How To: Add a PayPal Donate button.

How do I add a PayPal Donate button?

Please see How To: Add a PayPal Donate button.

How do I delete or disable a widget?

To delete a widget, configure or edit the widget as usual. Click on the Delete link at the bottom of the page (next to the Save button).

Widgets can also be disabled by moving it to the Disabled zone in a layout. Sometimes this may be preferable than deleting a widget.

How do I make a widget appear (or disappear) only on some pages?

Configure or edit the widget as usual and then expand the Only show widget on selected page types or the Only show widget on selected pages or urls fieldsets for further settings that control widget visibility.

Please also see the next question for a specific example of this.

How do I make a widget appear only on the front page?

Configure or edit the widget as usual and then expand the Only show widget on selected pages or urls fieldset.

Select Show on only the listed pages and then enter <front> in the Listed pages textarea (including the angle brackets).


How do I add raw html or javascript to page content?

Please see the next question.

My page text looks fine in the Visual editor but when I save, the formatting is incorrect or it doesn't look right.

For security and cosmetic reasons, we strip out html tags and javascript which may be potentially dangerous or may affect layout adversely. This is done so that you (or someone using your account) cannot insert malicious code into your website. It is also done to ensure the presentation of your website is protected and looks great no matter what sort of data you enter.

Unfortunately, one trade off of this protection is that some html tags and javascript will be stripped out of your content when being viewed. Text formatting may be affected since it relies on html tags.

If you need to enter page text which uses prohibited html tags, any sort of raw html, or javascript, please contact us. We can advise you of a solution, or we'll enter it for you.

How do I edit or delete an existing page?

Please see Posting a page or story.

How do I add a page or external link to the menu?

Locate the page or external link in your site's Table of Contents and then click on the choose menu icon in the Operations column.

An alternative way is to view the page (or edit the external link). Then click on Menu in the Control Menu (which should be visible and next to Edit) and fill in the form.


How do I allow or enable visitor comments?

At the moment, ProsePoint Express does not have a native commenting system. However, there is a Disqus plugin which works quite well. Please see How To: Enable Disqus for visitor comments for more information.

How do I change colours, font size, buttons, alignment, etc?

Many of the detailed aspects of how your website looks is controlled by the theme, and isn't meant to be configurable. However, most small cosmetic changes can be done by overriding the CSS for your site. This includes such things as fonts, colours, spacing, background images etc.

To access the CSS editor, please visit Settings » Custom CSS in the Control Menu.

Unfortunately, using the CSS editor effectively requires knowledge of how CSS works. If this gets too complicated or it's not working for you, please tell us and we'll happily do it for you.

You may also find the documentation about Custom CSS useful.

Is there a paywall or subscriber feature?

Presently, no.

There are difficulties with deciding the requirements of a generic paywall or paid subscriptions feature for sites created with ProsePoint Express. Everyone has their own business model of how a paywall should work, and it is tricky to try to accommodate them all with a general solution.

However, we may revisit this topic in the future and change our position.

(If a specific set of requirements is needed, please consider commissioning us to develop a custom paywall plugin for you.)

I need to do X, but you don't seem to have this feature.

If there is functionality or a feature you need, please file a support ticket or contact us. If it sounds like a good idea that will be useful for others, then we'll build it in. If not, we'll help you find an alternative solution.