Recent updates and developments, March 2011

Firstly, some apologies for the relative quiet over the last month or so. I've been overseas on holidays so I took a break from doing write ups for a while.

There have been a number of recent developments since the last update, so here's some information about them.

Ad server now rotates advertisements

The native Ad server is now in beta and operational.

It supports advertisement rotation. In other words, if you create an Ad Group with several Ad Creatives (ie. advertisements), and then layout an Ad Group widget to display the group on a page, the widget will randomly display one advertisement each time. If the page is refreshed, the widget will display another creative from the same group.

To use the native Ad server, visit Plugins in the Control Menu and enable the checkbox for the ad server.

Google Adsense integration

Integration with Google Adsense is ready for use. You can now create Adsense widgets which will display Google Adsense advertisements.

To enable Google Adsense integration, visit Plugins in the Control Menu and enable the checkbox for Google Adense.

Partial language localisation

A proportion of ProsePoint Express sites are non-English. This used to pose an issue since dates on sites (and some other boilerplate text) were always displayed in English.

We've added partial language localisation to address this.

The Date and time tab in the Control Menu has been renamed to Date and language and expanded to allow the selection of a foreign language for a site. Dates will then be displayed in the selected language.

We've called this partial localisation because we haven't translated everything on ProsePoint Express to be multilanguage. Only automatically generated text that appears on sites is translated.

Since foreign language content can already be posted to a site, this should be sufficient to remove all snippets of english from a non-english site. If you operate a non-english ProsePoint Express site and you see any english on your site, please contact us and we'll eradicate it.

The ProsePoint Express interface is still only in English. Someday in the non-determinate future we'll translate that too :)

Facebook Like button

We've added Facebook's Like button to ProsePoint Express sites.

To enable it, visit Plugins in the Control Menu and enable the checkbox for Facebook Like.

External RSS Feeds

Actually, this feature isn't ready yet, but it'll be very soon. It allows a ProsePoint Express site to display content from RSS feeds of other websites. The feed can be displayed on its own page, or in a widget (so it can be placed anywhere on a page).

This is just undergoing some final testing and documentation.

Thanks for reading.