Recent updates, April 2011

We've been busy lately, working on various features and enhancements. Here's the latest list of additions.

RSS Feeds

Processing of rss feeds from other websites is now available. Please see RSS Feeds for more information.

Theme colours

We've added a few colour schemes to the default theme. We realise people want a choice in how their site looks and we do have plans to create some new themes. However, we just haven't had the time to do so yet. In the meantime, adding some nice colour schemes is a small step in that general direction.

You can see the colour choices by using the theme switcher on the demo site.

Shortcut icon

For Professional and Corporate sites, it is now possible to supply your own shortcut icon (also known as a favicon) for your site. To do this, visit Settings » Information in the Control Menu.

(Initially, we didn't intend to create this feature because we wanted to retain the shortcut icon as branding for ProsePoint Express. Allowing the user to change it was a compromise for sites on the higher plans.)

Javascript and iframes in widgets

For Professional and Corporate sites, javascript and iframes can be used in text widgets. This was added for using third party widgets and other services when there isn't a ProsePoint Express plugin available.

Meta tags

It is now possible to add meta tags to a site. To do so, visit Settings » Information in the Control Menu for your site.

You might be interested in reading Authenticating or validating your site with search engines and other services to see one purpose for which meta tags might be used.

XML sitemaps

Finally, we've added xml sitemaps to all ProsePoint Express sites. This is an inbuilt and automatic feature and there's no need for any configuration by the user. It just works.

Please see XML Sitemaps for more information.

More to come ...

As before (and probably for a long time to come), we are continually adding new features and improving upon ProsePoint Express. If there is a new feature you need, or you can't think of how to achieve something with your site, please drop us a line and see if we have any ideas.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.