Recent updates, June 2011

The latest list of new features and enhancements for ProsePoint Express users to enjoy.

Multiple images in stories. Image positioning within text

Previously, stories could only have one image, and the image always appeared at the top of the story. These restrictions are no longer true.

Stories may now have more than one image uploaded.

However, by default (and to maintain backward compatibility), only the first image is shown and it is displayed at the top of the story.

This default behaviour can be overridden by inserting square tag keywords like [image1], [image2] etc. into the text. The keyword [image1] will be replaced by the first image (with captions) when the story is displayed. The keyword [image2] will be replaced by the second image and so on.

This provides users with more flexibility in where images are positioned within stories, whilst still keeping it easy to manage image captions.

To just change the position of the first image, add the square tag [image1] into the text somewhere. If there are no [image...] keywords in a story, the default behaviour is to display the first image at the top.

More story list settings for channels

Previously, a channel page always displayed a list of story teasers. This has been expanded. The first story can now be displayed in a variety of forms. The appearance of the subsequent stories in the list can also be configured.

To access these settings, view a channel page and then go to Edit » Story list settings in the Control Menu.

Javascript and iframe widgets available for Starter plans

Javascript and iframe widgets are now also available for Starter plans. These used to be available only for Professional plans and above. Now you can start embedding third party apps and widgets within your Starter site!

Lightbox2 image gallery

We have added a new image gallery type. This is a modified version of the Lightbox2 image gallery but handles both caption fields of images.

You can see this in action at It is quite slick.

You can select which image gallery type to use for your site by visiting Settings » Post settings in the Control Menu and selecting a value for Image gallery type. Please note this is a global setting and will affect all existing image galleries of your site.

Horizontal and carousel displays for stories

We've added new display modes for channel widgets so stories can be displayed horizontally. Furthermore, carousels can be used as well for in-page (and automatic) scrolling!

See for an example.

To use these new display modes, simply have a channel widget configured to list more than one story, and then select the horizontal or carousel display mode you desire. Easy!

Google maps

Finally, we've enabled embedding of Google maps into ProsePoint Express sites. See for more information.

More to come ...

As before (and probably for a long time to come), we are continually adding new features and improving upon ProsePoint Express. If there is a new feature you need, or you can't think of how to achieve something with your site, please drop us a line and see if we have any ideas.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.