Recent updates, July 2011

There are only a couple of new features this time around. We've been busy with things inside of ProsePoint Express itself rather than changes visible to end users.

(Don't worry, there are some very useful features coming up, but they're just taking a while to come to fruition.)

File Attachments

ProsePoint Express now supports file attachments. You can upload files such as PDF's or other types of documents to pages of your site.

To use file attachments, view a page and click Edit » File attachments in the Control Menu.

(Astute users may have already noticed this new feature.)

Google News

We've added integration with Google News!

Specifically, each ProsePoint Express site now has an inbuilt News Sitemap. This will make submitting your site to Google News much easier and, in fact, using a News Sitemap is the recommended way to integrate with Google.

With this new feature, there is nothing you need to do. News sitemaps just work.

(But you do have to submit your site to Google News yourself)

Please see for more information.

More to come ...

As before (and probably for a long time to come), we are continually adding new features and improving upon ProsePoint Express. If there is a new feature you need, or you can't think of how to achieve something with your site, please drop us a line and see if we have any ideas.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.