LaPagina0: A spanish journalistic website

ScreenshotLaPagina0 is a Spanish language digital publication featuring a wide variety of topics from a cross-section of lifestyle, culture, communications, journalism and related fields. It features some stunning photographs and thought-provoking articles.

LaPagina0 considered using Wordpress and Joomla but weren't sure they were the most appropriate because they were too 'blog' looking. They wanted something more professional and eventually selected ProsePoint Express to be their content management system.

These are some words they had to say about ProsePoint Express:

We found it simple, easy to use, clear at the reading and well ordered.

I have been able to "create" a website myself and to manage the different widgets (without) almost any computing knowledge, thanks to (a) good and technical support.

LaPagina0 is a hosted website operating on top of ProsePoint Express. It uses some custom css. The image galleries are well worth checking out.

LaPagina0 can be viewed at

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