Saanj News: Newspaper for a social network

ScreenshotSaanj News is a newspaper website for Saanj, a social network convering a variety of Canadian and Indian topics. They were looking to create a newspaper website for their members and also expand the reach of their audience.

In the search for a solution, Saanj tried many alternatives but they each had certain limitations and the end result didn't look good enough for a news website.

Then they came across ProsePoint Express which did produce great looking results. After reading the documentation, Saanj decided it was the best system for their newspaper website.

Although there are many considerations in selecting an appropriate solution, the main factor for Saanj when choosing ProsePoint Express was layout. They wanted something based on the 960 Grid System since most newspaper websites use it. ProsePoint Express offers an expanded 48 column implementation and unparalleled flexibility in column sizes and layout. This suited Saanj very well.

Another important consideration were xml sitemaps. Saanj needed sitemaps for their website in order to submit to search engines and stay up to date. Soon after signing up, Saanj communicated this request to us and we quickly implemented xml sitemaps across all ProsePoint Express sites. This resulted in an automatically updated sitemap listing all published pages for a site. It required no user input and 'just worked'.

Saanj found that using ProsePoint Express was great and took very little time. It was very easy to update content once the zones and channels were properly placed. A story could be published to different pages and different zones with one click.

'Very easy to update content using zones and channels. Just need to place channels properly and it works great. '

Saanj News uses a moderate amount of custom css and a variety of third party widgets from other online services to bring together a rich and professional newspaper website.

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